We help you get seen in the web.
Get Found. Look Good. Take Control.

We help you be seen in the web.
Get Found. Look Good. Take Control.

We help you be seen in the web.
Get Found. Look Good. Take Control.


Semantic SEO

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Utilizing the same advanced technology as The New York Times, eBay, Best Buy, and others we ensure that more of your potential customers can easily find you.

Website Creation

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We are experienced, top-notch, passionate designers and programmers who make sure your site stands out, looks good across all devices, runs fast, and is easily updated.

Website Maintenance

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If you choose to maintain your site yourself, we’ll show you how. You may prefer to hire us to manage it. Either way, we will ensure you're set up for success.

Small Business
Start-Up Package

Logo Identity, Website & SEO

  • Logo Identity

    A professionally designed overall look for your brand including logo, color scheme, and fonts that you can use in digital and print media.

  • Website

    From design to code, we’ll set you up with a site that will look and perform great, freeing you to do what you do best — run your business!

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We’ll implement best-practice SEO for website structure, content, and back-end code that will serve you well now and that can be built upon as your business grows.

Only $5995

Small Business
SEO Tune-Up

SEO that Fits

  • SEO on a Budget

    Concerned about your appearance in search engines but don’t have the budget for a big, ongoing Search Engine Optimization effort? This streamlined offering is for you!

  • Peace of Mind

    Using multiple platforms and tools, we’ll check the health of your website and make sure it’s strong and positioned for success now and with future growth in mind.

  • Top Shelf Service

    Budget doesn’t mean second class. We’ll use the same tools and techniques we use for our largest clients to add the code that search engines are looking for.

Only $599

White Label SEO for Agencies

Don’t have an SEO function in-house?
Let us give you…

  • Tailored integration

    We get to know your organization and the clients it serves. Working with you and your team, we ensure that not just the branding, but the communication style, the reporting, and even the services we offer plug smoothly into your organization. From client-facing interactions to behind-the-scenes integration, we’ll work with you to bring top-notch SEO as a service offering to your clients.

  • Analysis, Implementation, and Results

    SEO is an art and a science. From initial diagnosis through implementation, testing, and reporting, we apply a creative, artistic eye to every bit of standards-rigorous code, ensuring that your clients have the latest best-in-class technology supporting their SEO success. As we go through this process, we often find new opportunities for your client to gain competitive advantage in the crowded web.

  • Increased Sales

    Even before you land a client, we are your partner in SEO and can make a quick evaluation of a website to help you land the sale, identifying high-level issues that the client should be aware of, and providing your sales team with talking points.

Learn more about our white label offering.


Premier Construction of Illinois

Premier Construction

We helped this small construction company gain control of their web presence while retaining the strong brand reputation that they had already created through 20+ years in the business.

Chicago PR Firm

Chicago PR Firm

We landed a boutique firm top search rankings in the major search engines, outpacing their biggest, household-name competitors. And saved them thousands in Google AdWord spend in the process.



We helped this media company promote their events and daily publication content through bleeding-edge SEO techniques, resulting in significant growth in readership and event attendance.

Plush Beauty Bar

Plush Beauty Bar

We took this small business from brand conception to full website and online marketing, with organic SEO results that saved them thousands in Google AdWords spending.

Want to learn even more?

We’re passionate about the technology behind our success. We have been doing this a long time; long enough that our groundbreaking work for one client was featured in a popular textbook about Semantic Technologies. Because of our expertise, we’re often asked to train diverse teams about Semantic Technologies. From PR companies representing Semantic Technology software vendors, to Meetups of SEO experts, to classrooms filled with computer science students, we love sharing our knowledge! We also have trained clients on how to update and work with the websites we've built for them. Ask us how we can customize a learning experience for your team.


We meet you where you are, and then take you to the top.

Every business needs a web presence, but the nature of that web presence is different for every business. That’s where we come in.

  • If you already have a website, we can help ensure more customers find you.
  • If you need a website, we can design a site that looks great, runs smoothly and gets found quicker.
  • If you need the full package—logo, branding, website, social media, SEO and marketing, we can do that too.

In our SEO services, we use advanced technologies like structured data markup and schema.org, created jointly by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. These search giants and others are leveraging structured data markup today to drive things like Google’s "Knowledge Panels" (those nifty displays that appear to the right of search results). This is the same technology used by The New York Times, the Library of Congress, Overstock.com, Best Buy, and countless others. This approach ensures that your images, reviews, ratings, logos, social media accounts, and phone numbers appear in a rich context so customers can easily find you with dynamic phone numbers, interactive maps, dynamic videos, photos or other media, and more.

If you need a website, know that we've been working with businesses to improve their web presence for over a decade. We can help you get into and update an old site. We can put you in touch with fantastic designers who can create a new look and feel for your site, while we program the back-end. When it comes to maintaining the site, we can help you or give you the keys to access it yourself, and we'll teach you how.

Our team members are experts in helping businesses ensure their companies are well-represented online. We excel at making search engines and social media sites understand the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your business. And the more they understand, the more you get seen.

The result? By introducing their products and services to customers who would not have otherwise found them, and giving them a professional online presence when needed, we've repeatedly helped clients save money by reducing their Google AdWords and other marketing budgets.

Whether you're starting from scratch or just need more people to find your current site, contact us today to find out what we can do to improve your online presence.