Website Creation

Website Creation

Did you know?

  • Design matters. Your site has a matter of seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. Without a good graphic design, that's tough to do.
  • Responsive design matters. In April 2015, Google announced that it would give preference to websites that are optimized for mobile devices of all sizes. At that same time, Google also announced that they may penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly. That requires solid responsive design.
  • Speed matters. Sites that load slowly are at great risk of losing customers before those visitors ever spend any time on the site.

Our sites are pretty for humans.

With mere seconds to grab the attention of your visitors, good design is critical. From logos to images to layouts, we work with top designers, photographers, theme developers, and image services to show off your business in the very best light.

Another critical consideration in the modern web is "responsive design"; that is, how your site appears on the various screens people will be using to view your site, including computers, phones, tablets, etc. We rigorously test on multiple browsers and devices.

Website contributors are human too, and we utilize best-in-class tools and techniques such as Toolset to make website content management easy for even the least technical of contributors.

Our sites load fast.

Our sites are pretty for machines.

You probably don't care what the code behind your website looks like, but the search engines, browsers, and software that will be processing your website and driving the devices in your customers' hands do care. Very much. We build our sites with "clean code" to be sure that they load quickly and send the proper signals to the machines tasked with processing.

The website is a great start.

...But, building the website is just part of establishing a solid web presence. If you need, we can also:

  • Help you secure a domain name.
  • Help you find a hosting provider.
  • Set up your email accounts.
  • Set up Social Media profiles.
  • Set up tools so you can track your site's success.
  • Add code to your site to ensure it gets found wherever your customers are searching.
  • Manage your site for you so you can focus on what you do best — your business!
  • Teach you how to update the content on your website.

Our client work is collaborative. We will do the work, but you will always have visibility into exactly what we're doing, and we will always make sure you have the "keys to drive" so you can control your site now and into the future.