Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Did you know?

  • Even great websites need to be updated from time to time as systems, plugins, vulnerabilities, and standards change.
  • SEO standards also change and your SEO health depends on you giving time and attention to your web presence on an ongoing basis.
  • Updating the content on your site gives you an SEO benefit.

We offer two paths to successful maintenance.

Path 1: Let us focus on the technical stuff while you focus on your business.

Over time, Web standards change and improve; online threats advance; and platforms such as WordPress adapt to these changes. WordPress is made of various parts, including WordPress "core," themes, and plugins. Much like other software (and WordPress itself), good quality themes and plugins are updated regularly with security patches and code updates. When this happens, the themes and plugins you use should be updated.

Do you have time and expertise to maintain your web presence on an ongoing basis or are you busy enough running your business?

We can maintain your website and keep an eye out for changes in security and SEO standards that might impact your site, making critical adjustments as needed. Additionally, we can update your social media profiles - even write content for you - optimizing it all for SEO along the way.

We will work with you to create an ongoing maintenance package that meets your needs and keeps your site in good health for the long term, applying critical updates and fixes as needed. We keep up with the latest news about search engines, as well as the web technologies and standards on which we build your site. We apply this knowledge to ensure your site is "future-proofed" so it will stay current and in compliance with those technologies.

Path 2: Let us train your in-house team to do all but the most complicated updates.

If you have in-house talent and want to update the content on your site on an on-going basis, we can train your team in how to do so, providing reference documents so that you can manage your own website's content confidently, even if your staff changes.

And if you ever need us, we are here and available to help. Our hourly rates are competitive, and we work fast to get you to where you need to be.

Whether you want us to take all of the work off your hands with regards to managing your website, SEO, and social media; training your in-house team to manage things; or a combination of both; we will work with you to find the best combination that gets you running quickly now and lasts well into the future.