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Custom Logo Design

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Search Engine Optimization

Launching a new business or looking to create fresh branding for an existing one? We will set you up with the key elements you need to enjoy a successful, professional brand online and in print. Our Small Business Brand, Website, and SEO Package is a turn-key offering that includes the creation of both the brand itself and a strong digital presence in the form of a professional, custom-designed website.

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What’s Included? Everything You Need to Launch a Beautiful, Successful Brand.

A critical building block of your brand, a strong, professionally designed logo will help your new business stand out. Your logo will be unique and custom designed for you by a graphic designer with decades of experience in creating iconic brands. You will receive the original artwork files that can be re-used in both print and digital materials.
In combination with your logo, a distinct color scheme and font choices will help establish a strong brand across your digital and print materials. We have clients who have even incorporated this important factor into paint colors and signage for their brick-and-mortar stores. Like the logo, you will receive the color codes and font names you’ll need to re-use the colors in all your branding efforts.
Leveraging the Logo and Design Elements, we will design a website that matches the unique personality of your business. The website will be designed to showcase your business offerings and content in the very best light. We always design with an eye toward the various screen sizes that your visitors might be using. This special pricing package includes design of both a vibrant home page and an internal page template. We will then use these to create distinct pages that highlight the various parts of your business.
We’ll implement your new design using current best-practices and widely-used technologies that will give you complete ownership over your content and design elements. This prevents “vendor lock-in” so you will be able to change and grow your website in future as needed. We can include editing tools and set-up so that you can edit content yourself or easily delegate that task to someone else. All our websites are built to be “responsive” to various screen sizes. We will work with you to ensure you’re set up for success now and into the future.
Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of your new business success online. We will make sure that the website follows best practice guidelines so that it -- and your brand -- can be found by search engines. SEO can be an extensive effort, and it takes time to see results (Google itself suggests 4-12 months), but we will implement the most important factors out-of-the-box to ensure your site is launched on strong footing.

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Need more? We also provide the following services as add-ons:

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Websites need care and feeding. Technology changes; Wordpress core, themes, and plugins all need to be updated; and websites should be monitored and backed up regularly. If you don’t have the resources in-house to keep your tech up-to-date, let us handle that for you.

Ongoing SEO

SEO is both an art and a science. And it takes time. We report, advise, analyze, and implement on a regular schedule to help you get the best results wherever and however your customers are searching!

Email Set-up

We'll create email addresses using your new website domain and help you configure them on your devices.

Social Media Set-up

Configure branded social media accounts and advise on their usage.

Copywriting Services

Our professional copywriters are experts in understanding your business vision and translating it into powerful copy that translates into sales.

Content Management and Optimization

Whether you use one of our copywriters or prefer to send us your written or multi-media content, we’ll edit it, format it for the web, and add the SEO code that will get it found.

Graphic Design – Print

Design additional print materials (business cards, stationery, billboards, etc.)

Graphic Design – Digital

Design additional digital materials (web banners, social media headers, email templates, etc.)


Our network of Professional Photographers is ready to take the photos you need of your business, your team, and your products.


We’ll guide you through the process, from acquiring professionally shot video, to hosting it, to sharing it online.