Small Business SEO Tune-Up

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Every business today needs to be found in the web, so business owners have invested in websites. However, a good-looking website is not worth any investment if potential customers can’t find it.

Unfortunately, SEO usually starts with a high price tag. While that price tag may be justified by the work involved in a full SEO implementation, we've found that many small businesses don't want extensive, time-consuming SEO work done. They're looking for a tune-up; a thorough check-up of key SEO factors; and a friendly, guiding hand to make sure their website:

  • does not contain critical SEO mistakes.
  • is sending the most important signals to search engines.
  • has the infrastructure in place to grow their SEO efforts in the future — when they’re ready and their business demands it.

What’s Included?

We will set you up for success by focusing on the most important, high-level SEO factors. We will…
  • work with you to identify your business’s unique value position, target market, and strategy.
  • evaluate the highest-priority SEO elements and fix or implement them as necessary.
  • ensure that the structure of the website is set up properly to provide a solid platform for SEO.
  • remove elements that would actively prevent your site from appearing in search results.
  • remove confusing signals that are being sent to search engines.
  • add computer code that sends strong, accurate signals to search engines about your business, brand, product(s) and/or service(s).
  • set you up for future SEO efforts, so that as your business grows, you can be more strategic and sophisticated in your efforts.
  • create a roadmap and make recommendations for next steps to improve your SEO.

Who is this offering for?

This is ideal for a small business that...
  • has a new website.
  • has a website that is simply not performing well.
  • has a site with only a handful of pages (~10).
  • is not being found well in search engines.
  • is prepared to have a strong presence in the web.

Poor but fixable SEO? We see it all the time in Websites that…

  • are practically invisible to search engines.
  • are (mis)configured to actively block search engines from finding them.
  • are engaging in poor SEO practices that are not only ineffectual, but that work against the interests of the business.
  • have been hit with search engine penalties or hack attacks, often unbeknownst to the website owners.

There are many reasons for poor SEO implementations, including web developers who are simply not up to date with the latest recommendations from major search engines and technology providers; plugins that attempt to automate what can only be manually created; new releases of search engine technology that change the requirements for solid SEO performance.

Fixing these things isn’t hard, but represent critical steps that must be taken before a website can truly perform as an effective marketing tool.

We have worked with some very large, household name websites, and wanted to find a way to help small businesses get on solid SEO footing. Our SEO Tune-Up is designed to do just that.

We’ll put you on a path to being found in the web.

We help ensure that you’re found in the many places where your potential customers are searching. We also improve the signals your website is sending to search engines so that when you are found, your brand/product/service looks good!

Contact us today to see if your business is a good match for the

Small Business SEO Tune-Up!